Blue-eyed woman abandoned by husband gets makeover

Blue-eyed woman abandoned by husband gets makeover

A woman Risikat Azeez said to have been abandoned alongside her two daughters by her husband Wasiu Dada for having blue eyeballs has appeared in pictures transformed.

Photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa shared pictures on Instagram on Tuesday of the woman and her daughters after a makeover.

According to Bamuyiwa, Risikat got her face made up by Ritarose Beauty Studio while several others handled her hair, dress and others.

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Ocular Albinism Ocular Albinism is a genetic condition /Mutation ,with the lack of pigmentation at the back of the eyes . Melanin is provided by our cells called Melanocytes , which is found in your skin, hair and eyes .several genes provide instructions for the making of proteins involved in the production of melanin . RESEARCH It’s proven that behind every Brown eyes , there is a blue eye. The only difference is the thin layer of the pigment on the surface . If the Pigment is away the the light can enter the stroma and reflects back the blue end of the spectrum It was believed that the light skin arose in Europeans 40,000 years ago , soon after the people left the tropical Africa for higher latitude .as they moved to the colder regions , needed something to synthesize Vitamins D in places where the UV light is lower , and that caused the change in the mutation of the genes . More research on this coming soon . *But as a result of this lack of knowledge RISIQOT was sent out of her husbands house because of her beautiful blue eyes*. Make up by @ritarosebeauty Hair by @trhairsuredbytolu Photography @mofebamuyiwa Assisted by @moh_visuals Cinematographer by @mcshot.anusiem Dress designed @the_maam Back drop by @zenbackdrops Charity given by @myextendedhands and many others #bmbstudio #mofebamuyiwa #portraitjournalism #documentaryphotography #documentaries #stories #family #mumandme #motherandchild #bond #africa #nigeria #melanin #africastories #ilorin #nigeria #nigeriastories #blueyes #albinism #ocularalbinism

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Risikat’s husband Dada had told PUNCH that he had a fight with her because she was becoming wayward. He said he did not abandon them and that on the contrary he married her because of her blue eyes.

“I have been providing for her and the children even to the knowledge of her parents but they were not satisfied until they posted pictures of my children on Facebook, using them to beg for alms,” he said in Yoruba.

But Risikat insists he abandoned them after she gave birth to two daughters with same blue eyeballs. She said her husband was swayed by his parents and that he branded her a witch because of her eyes.

“Things started getting bad when I had my first child and later my second child. He totally changed and he would shut me up and walk out on me whenever I tried to start a conversation with him.

“His parents even told him, ‘Will you keep on giving birth to children with this kind of eyes?’ He changed to the extent that he would leave the house for a whole week before coming back home. There was no food and no provision that I had to go to my parents’ place to feed.

“My parents later asked me to leave his house. Since I left till now, he has not shown up to ask why I left or ask after me,” she told the newspaper.

Kwara State First Lady Olufolake Abdulrazaq recently offered a helping hand to Risikat.

Mrs Abdulrazaq wrote on Twitter that she had reached out to the woman through her foundation, the Ajike People Support Centre.

It was gathered that the foundation is looking to help Risikat start a business and send her children to school.