Mama Rainbow declares 21 as new age after makeover for 80th birthday

Mama Rainbow

Veteran actress Mama Rainbow has declared she is now age 21 after undergoing a makeover session in preparation for her 80th birthday.

The Yoruba movie star posted a photo of her new look on Instagram on Tuesday, gushing over herself.

Captioning the photo, she wrote: “Hurry your Baby girl will be 21yrs of age in the NEXT 45 days NOT 80th ooo. I LOVE YOU ALL.”

Fellow celebrities and fans also gushed over her new look in the comment section of the post.

The actress who turns 80 in October has promised to shut down Lagos in celebration of her milestone age.

In a video uploaded on Instagram, Mama Rainbow encouraged everyone to be happy, while inviting them to celebrate with her.

She wrote: “Morning family enjoying myself in new house I beg you With all my heart and soul, I beg you. Please be happy. The truth is, there are no scales to balance, we can all be happy.

“I beg you, please be happy, your story exists, instead of the billions upon billions upon billions of other stories that could have been lived. Through whatever means, even though it can be hard, or even close to impossible, be happy, somehow, be happy Ile atura fun gbogbo wa ooo Amin”.