Actress Chioma Ifemeludike knocks Nollywood for ignoring Benjamin Okolo’s death

Nollywood actress Chioma Ifemeludike has knocked the movie industry for ignoring the death of veteran actor Benjamin Okolo.

The actress revealed Okolo’s death in an Instagram post on Sunday.

She said that according to a Facebook post, Okolo died on February 21.

“How old veterans die without acknowledgement or recognition from nollywood is really shocking, like these men were part of us, we shared memories with these elders but once they get sick and die they’re barely remembered or celebrated especially if they were not very popular… is this not hypocrisy?

“PA Benjamin Nwani okolo, was a renowned nollywood (elder) actor, died 21 Feb. 2021. (As seen on Facebook). Until his death he was once a director at UNTH ENUGU, and a very talented actor,” she wrote.

ChIoma, in an Instagram post in December 2020 lamented that the movie industry is disunited.

”Dear music legends in Nigeria this love your sharing can you extend it to Nollywood? Cos hate, envy, competition and jealousy have killed us.

“Nollywood is drawing back because of too many divisions, unions, organizations etc. NO UNITY, NO LOVE, NO SINCERITY OF PURPOSE!” she wrote.

The actress added: “The women in Nollywood are so competitive that they care less about love, the goal is whose butt go big pass the other or who got hourglass shape than the other, or which babe is more trendy! It’s so terrible that we have put vanity before humanity…”