7 health benefits of bitter kola

Bitter kola

Bitter kola or Garcinia kola, commonly called orogbo in southwest Nigeria, has amazing health benefits hidden in it.

Originally from the western and central part of Africa, it belongs to the species of tropical flowering plants.

Although bitter, its benefits are sweet to the body.

Below are seven of them:

1 Malaria treatment

Bitter kola can be used in treating malaria according to research. It contains an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemical known as Kolaviron. It has Garcinia seed which helps in treating malaria.

2 Helps respiration

Bitter kola contains a high amount of antioxidant that is helps the body maintain a good respiratory track.

3 Treats cold

Bitter Kola can be used to treat colds especially chest cold.

4 Maintains healthy lungs

Consuming a good amount of bitter kola helps to keep the lungs healthy, promoting good breathing. Bitter kola helps to strengthen the lung tissue and fibres.

5 Improves sexual performance

For sexually active men, apart from the common medications available to improve sexual performance, bitter kola is a very good alternative.

6 Fights poison in the body

Bitter kola can work as an antibiotic which will fight poisonous substance or bacteria that has been eaten with food. The seed has an amazing detoxification ability.

7 Glaucoma remedy

Bitter kola is an effective remedy for glaucoma which is an eye condition that could lead to blindness if left untreated. According to a journal released by the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), eating bitter kola at least twice a day can reduce eye pressure.