Zeb Ejiro reveals biggest challenge as filmmaker

Zeb Ejiro QED

Filmmaker Zeb Ejiro has revealed that his biggest challenge as a filmmaker is not being able to produce the number of movies he hopes to release.

Mr Ejiro made this known during a recent interview with Punch Newspapers.

According to him, the challenges are always there but telling the number of stories and executing them is the biggest challenge.

“The challenges are always there and as one grows, the challenges increase. I have some works I want to get done and I pray I am able to complete them because my head is loaded with many stories and I ask myself if I will be able to produce all of them. That is my biggest challenge,” he said.

Speaking on the death of his brother Chico Ejiro, the movie producer said that he is still dealing with loss adding that the deceased was like a twin to him.

“It has been tough and it is something I will probably live with for the rest of my life. Chico Ejiro was not just a younger brother to me, he was like a twin and we discussed ideas daily. We were so close that I was badly hit by his passing.

“Every day, I still wonder why he had to go so soon and it has not been easy so far because each time, there is always something that brings back memories of him. God knows why he took my brother away. I am trying to live with the situation,” he said.

A fellow filmmaker, Chico died on December 25 from cardiac arrest.