Yul Edochie’s second wife Judy Austin celebrates stepson on fifth birthday

Actress Judy Austin, the second wife of Yul Edochie, has celebrated his son Zane on the latter’s fifth birthday.

Judy wished Zane a happy birthday in the comment section of Yul Edochie’s Instagram post on Wednesday July 13.

“Happy birthday little king,” he wrote.

Celebrating Zane’s birthday, Yul prayed for the boy.

He wrote: “Happy 5th birthday to my son Zane Yul-Edochie. May God continue to keep ypu and protect you to grow and achieve the greatness that is destined for you. Daddy loves you.”

Yul and Judy Austin, made headlines in April after the former announced his marriage to Judy. The actor also revealed they already have a son together.

Reacting in the comment section of the post, his first wife May wrote to the actor and Judy saying, “May God judge you both.”