Yomi Fabiyi celebrates Iyabo Ojo, calls for peace after social media fight

Yomi Fabiyi

Actor-filmmaker Yomi Fabiyi has called for peace following his messy fight with his colleague Iyabo Ojo on social media over Baba Ijesha’s sexual assault case.

Celebrating the actress’ 44th birthday on Tuesday, December 21, Yomi in an Instagram post, described Iyabo as a ‘good person’ in spite of their fight on social media.

“Happy Birthday Iyabo Ojo. LLNP. Wishing you the best of your new year. Birthday blessings. As I have always said this everywhere, you are a good person, before, during and after we start our fight on social media cos I know in real life, if we see face to face nothing go happen.

“I will never use the small fight to deny what I know about you. We were never close and I am not patronising you either. Just the mutual respect we shared in 20years or more of colleagueship.

“You get shoko and I get shoko, you flashed me severally, I flashed you twice, you made many mean and wicked attempts which failed, Ope ni f’olorun. Anyway, all that one don waka if you like peace. I am going into the new year with no excess luggage. Iyabo mi, see you soon. Peace 2022,” he wrote.

The movie stars made headlines in April after Iyabo Ojo launched a series of attacks on Yomi over what is generally regarded as his disgraceful support for comedian Baba Ijesha, who is accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl.

The actress’ action came on the day comedienne Princess confirmed that the victim is one of six children kept in her care because she could not have a child of her own.

Yomi lead a campaign that the CCTV recording said to have been made of Baba Ijesha assaulting the girl should be made public. He also alleged in an Instagram post that Iyabo and comedian Princess in whose care the minor is were planning to kill Baba Ijesha if granted bail.

Angered by the statement, Iyabo wrote on Instagram saying, “Please let’s be mindful in my industry. This is a very sensitive issue and we should all remember that a 14-year-old child is involved. She is watching the Internet. If you can’t support or help her don’t hurt her the more. Thank You.”

The actress also released a WhatsApp chat with Yomi to debunk the latter’s claim of cyberbullying against her.

“Yomi Fabiyi, I ain’t playing with you, you can’t make peace with me on WhatsApp then I wake up the next day to find out you still clouting with the innocent girl’s case, trying so hard to change the narratives to favourite (sic) Baba Ijesha.

“I ain’t backing down no matter how hard you try to twist & turn the story, the earlier you get that into your thick skull the better for you,” Iyabo captioned the post.

In July, Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dikeh and Mercy Aigbe criticised actor Yomi Fabiyi over his movie Oko Iyabo (Iyabo’s husband).

In the movie, Yomi depicts the case involving f Baba Ijesha and the sexual assault of the minor.

Iyabo called on the Theater Arts and Motion Pictures Practitioners’ Association (TAMPAN) to act promptly. The 44-year-old said Yomi portrayed a young girl with the mischievous career goal to be a prostitute.

“I’m honestly waiting our elders in the industry to grant another press conference and address the sad issue on a movie that promote abuse and ridicules a girl child…,” Iyabo wrote.