Yomi Black knocks Buhari’s daughter, Zahra, for supporting social media bill

Nollywood actor, Yomi Black, has knocked Zahra Indimi, daughter of President Muhammadu Buhari, for supporting the social media bill.

Speaking at the first edition of An Afternoon with Zahra on November 30, Zahra lamented the treatment she receives on social media for decisions taken by her father.


Reacting to her comments, Yomi, in a post on Instagram on Monday, accused Zahra of supporting the bill for selfish reasons, adding that she was only looking for attention.

“Yimu, no intelligent person will blame you for your father’s actions, also I am guessing this happens to many political leaders children, so coming out to say this is you looking for more attention in my opinion. Why won’t you support the social media bill. It selfishly protects you….oshi,” he said.

In her support of the bill, Zahra said it would stop cyberbullying.


“We need to research more, understand what is going on instead of just making silly comments every now and then and blaming people for no reason. So I am in support of regulations, but fair regulations,” she said.

The social media bill, however, has sparked outrage in the public space with many saying it would undermine the freedom of speech.