Why I’m supporting Tinubu for president – Yinka Quadri

Nollywood actor Yinka Quadri

Veteran actor Yinka Quadri has declared his support for All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bola Tinubu.

The 62-year-old explained his reasons for supporting Tinubu as the next president in the 2023 general elections in a statement posted on an Instagram post on Wednesday.

According to Yinka Quadri, Tinubu is capable of uniting Nigeria and he has been identified as an ‘exceptional manager of resources and a seasoned administrator’. 

The Lagos-born actor noted that the “majority of actors who venture into politics today do so because of the influence of Tinubu”.

Speaking further, the Yoruba movie star stated that the former Lagos State Governor is a “man who is ready to sacrifice all he has for his fatherland…the least sacrifice we can make is to let the whole country see the Leadership we have seen, feel the compassion we have felt; and move the maker of modern Lagos (Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu) to the molder of a greater Nigeria.”

The statement read in parts: “Nigerians, we need to rise and give Tinubu an unequivocal charge: to springboard Nigeria into a growth phase several leaps ahead, the way Lagos State — under his guide— left the launch platform two decades ago, has stayed the positive course and is now the 5th biggest economy in Africa (rated as a nation).

“We must not fail to give this indefatigable leader with such an audacious spirit, a creative instinct and a striking mission a clear mandate to make the biggest difference possible to our collective trajectory of growth and development as a nation. What would it take? Our massive turnout and count of votes in the 2023 presidential election. Show me a man with a bigger heart and I will show you Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“I, Alhaji Olayinka Quadri pledge my full support for BAT not because i was paid to do so but because of Asiwaju’s support and influence to all and sundry over the years. Majority of actors who venture into politics today do so because of the influence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

“By God grace , Asiwaju will move from Jagaban of Borgu to Jagaban of Nigeria; from Asiwaju of Lagos to Asiwaju of Nigeria. For all your sacrifices, for all your effort, God will reward you this time.

“If we look at the rotation of leadership in Nigeria over the years, it is very crystal clear It is Yoruba turn to be president BAT, Eyin lo kan, (you’re the next.”)