Video: There’s more sexual harassment in Nollywood than in music – Gloria Doyle

Gloria Doyle

Gospel musician, Gloria Doyle, has said she did not pursue her acting career partly because of sexual harassment.

The mother-of-three who appeared in a couple of movies before going on a long break from the entertainment industry told QedTV in an exclusive interview that any actress who says there is no sexual harassment in Nollywood is a big liar.

According to her, she turned down some projects because producers wanted to sleep with her.

Nollywood’s loss was gospel music’s gain as the Edo-born beauty has since turned her attention to ministering with songs.

Asked if there is more sexual harassment in Nollywood than in the music industry, the ‘Baba Na You’ singer said emphatically, “yes there is”.

She said that up and coming actresses and those who don’t have means of producing their own movies are often sexually harassed.

“Anybody that is coming out to say nothing like that happened or that nothing like that is happening is a big liar,” she said.

Gloria Doyle said more, especially about her experience with a producer who became her lover, in the video below.