#UltimateLoveNG: They’re not thinking the way we’re thinking- Chris Ville

One of the love guests on the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Chris Ville, has stated that the other love guests are not thinking the way he and his partner, Chris, are thinking.

Chris Ville said this while he was discussing the nominations with Chris on Monday.

Chris said that the actions of the other housemates shows that they are threatened by them.

“It shows that you’ve seen something and you wanna break it,” she said.

Chris Ville replied, “They’re not thinking the way we’re thinking and I don’t know why. But whatever, that’s your business.”

He added that he was informed by Obi that Theresa said that he (Chris) wanted to “scatter her head” but Theresa denied it when he confronted her.

Chris and Chris Ville, jointly known as DoubleChris, are atop the eviction table after scoring four votes in the last nominations.