We are willing to be friends with PreshDavid – Roksie

Roksie Ultimate Love Nigeria

Winners of the first season of the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Roksie, have stated that they are willing to be friends with another couple on the show, PhreshDavid.

The couple disclosed this in an interview with the show’s organisers published on Monday.

When asked about the possibility of reconciling with PhreshDavid, with whom they sometimes had disagreements while in the Love Pad, Kachi, 32, said, “I am open to friendship. I have extended an olive branch to PhreshDavid on several occasions in the house, so if they wish to be friends with Roksie, our arms are wide open to receive them.”

While Rosie, 32, said, “My relationship with with PhreshDavid is cordial. No bad blood, negativity or toxicity from Roksie.”

The couple also opened up about the other love guests with whom they connected while on the show with Rosie picking Chris, Bolanle and Ebi while Kachi admitted that he connected the most with ChrisVille and Arnold.

As for the highlights of their stay in the Love pad, for Kachi it remains the different facilitators brought in to educate the love guests on sex, love, relationships and other topics and the time he made Pasta Puttanesca for Rosie who liked it so much that she asked for more.

While Rosie revealed that she enjoyed the masterclasses and the couple games the most.

Finally, the Ultimate couple thanked the RokNation, as their fans are called, for their support and urged them to “let love lead because love lives here.”

“The sky is big enough for to accommodate us all,” said Kachi.

While Rosie said, “No bad blood, please. We love them all and they shouldn’t stop praying for us. RokNation, we Rok!”

Roksie were crowned winners of the competition on March 29 and walked away with a cash prize of N5 million among other gifts.

In addition, Kachi went down on knee to propose to Rosie before the live audience and she said yes.