#UltimateLoveNG: Iyke teaches Theresa to ululate

Iyke and Theresa on Ultimate Love

One of the love guests on the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Iyke, has tried to teach his partner, Theresa, how to ululate.

This happened on Thursday while the love guests were trying their hands on a Do-it-yourself project where they made hand-painted T-shirts and mugs.

Iyke demonstrated it and encouraged her to try but her attempt was not as good as his.

“I don’t know how to do that…,” she informed him.

Iyke and Theresa, jointly known as IykeResa, are competing for the star prize along with the other remaining couples, Chivia, DoubleChris, Roksie and BolAr,

It was announced on Tuesday that the show would end a week early due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The finale will now be on Sunday instead of on April 5.

Due to the change, the live eviction show was held on Wednesday and two couples were evicted instead of one.

The evicted couples are PhreshDavid and ObiEbi.