#UltimateLoveNG: Jay vows revenge on Roksie, BolAr over nominations

Jaykech on Ultimate Love

One of the love guests on the Ultimate Love reality TV show, Jay, has vowed to get revenge on two couples, Roksie and BolAr, for nominating him and his partner, Nkechi, for eviction.

Jay, 35, told Nkechi on Saturday that he felt betrayed by Roksie for nominating them even after he had complimented Rosie on her top and promised not to nominate them.

He said: “She was wearing my favourite colour purple and I told her I wouldn’t nominate her for that reason.”

Nkechi, 29, reminded him that it was Kachi and not Rosie who nominated them, but he still did not back down.

The engineer said: “I want my pound of flesh.”

Jay and Nkechi, jointly known as JayKech, are up for eviction this week after getting three votes in the last nomination exercise.