#UltimateLoveNG: Chivia, PreshDavid, MiCherry, IykeResa, ObiEbi on nomination list

One couple in the Ultimate Love show among the following – MiCherry, IykeResa, ObiEbi, PreshDavid and Chivia – will be officially checking out from the Love Pad on March 1 after they were confirmed on the nomination list on Tuesday night.

During last Sunday’s live show, the love guests were asked to nominate two couples they would like to put up for possible check-out on March 1. The nomination process resulted in a total of six couples selected: Chivia, Jeriton, PreshDavid, ObiEbi, IykeResa and MiCherry.

However, two of the six couples nominated, Chivia and Jeriton, were given a chance to remain in the Love Pad by going on a ‘couples’ mission’ on Monday as directed by Aunty. After this mission, Aunty decided to save Jeriton, a move which automatically takes them off the nomination list while the duo of Chiddy Bankz and Sylvia aka Chivia remain on. On her reason for saving Jeriton, Aunty explained that she saw the two work with better synergy during their mission and thus she decided to give them one more week in her Love Pad.

Voting for this week is officially open! Ultimate Love fans have until 9 pm on Thursday to keep their favourite love guests in the Love Pad.