#UltimateLoveNG: Kachi kisses Rosie to calm nomination anxiety

Rosie and Kachi on Ultimate Love

Kachi, one of the love guests in the Ultimate Love reality TV show, kissed his partner, Rosie, to calm her anxiety over their nomination for possible eviction.

Kachi, 32, kissed Rosie, 35, on Monday, while calling her by several pet names.

“My honey-bunny… My sugar-sugar…,” he said with kisses on her cheeks and neck.

He also reminded her not to worry too much about the politics of the game.

Roksie – Rosie and Kachi – received four votes to place second on the eviction nominations table, behind Bolar on six votes.

They will now need fans’ votes to remain in the Love Pad and stand a chance of walking away with the cash prize.

Speaking after Jeriton became the second couple to check out of the Love Pad on Sunday, Theresa said she did not want people to think Bolar and Roksie got the highest votes because the other love guests hate them.

Rosie originally wanted to be paired with David, but he chose PhreshTalker.

She, however, later paired with Kachi and they came up with the nickname, Roksie.