Uche Elendu recounts near-death experience during daughter’s delivery

Uche Elendu

Nollywood actress Uche Elendu has recounted how she almost died during her daughter Chizuterem’s delivery 12 years ago.

The mother of two in a lengthy Instagram post wished her daughter a happy birthday and shared her birth story.

“Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life, my big baby, my first fruit, my bunch of talents, the destined Star, my pride,” she wrote on Wednesday.

“By this time 12 years ago I was fighting a battle with principalities and powers, fighting with dead people I recognized, the doctors and nurses had lost hope, only the Lord could possibly have saved me and brought me back after 5 hours.”

The 34-year-old in another post said, “Happy Birthday Mummys Girl…. keep growing in supernatural Grace… hey feels good vibing with u… I ain’t no old generation mum.”

Chizuterem is Uche’s first daughter while Michelle is the second.