Uche Elendu questions court over ruling on Daddy Freeze’s partner

Uche Elendu

Actress Uche Elendu has questioned the Nigerian legal system for the ruling in favour of Benedicta Elechi’s ex-husband Paul Odekina after he claimed his ex-wife committed adultery with media personality Daddy Freeze while they were still married.

Uche shared a video of singer Skuki’s opinion on the matter on Instagram on Tuesday, revealing that Elechi had filed for divorce on the grounds of domestic abuse three years before Odekina’s claim of adultery.

“How can the custody of children be given to a man after 9years of filing for a divorce?? What exactly is termed adultery in this case? Women should not be marginalized and subdued to staying in an abusive marriage, 9years on a divorce proceeding is very unrealistic and unfair, the law is not always right, why do men like to punish women in marriage?? asked Uche.

The actress also restated her stand with Elechi and prayed for her healing.

“Is 9 years too short a time for a woman to heal and move on with her life?? Is the trauma of domestic abuse not enough?? I stand with @ tastebudzng.. be strong sis!! Healing and moving on to a deserving life is no crime,” she wrote.

A High Court in Port Harcourt, Rivers State had ordered Daddy Freeze to pay a fine of N5 million to Odekina as damages.