TVC commercial director Ronan Redmond resigns after 7 years

TVC Communications’ commercial director Ronan Redmond has submitted his resignation letter to the company.

In a statement released by the broadcaster, Mr Redmond will be stepping down from his position on April 30 after a seven-year tenure.

It noted that Redmond contributed significantly to the Nigerian advertising industry.

Commenting on his imminent exit, he said, “I am incredibly proud of the work carried out, along with my colleagues, at TVC Communications as we turned the company into one of the leading commercial broadcasters in Nigeria. I am confident the team is equipped to take the commercial business to the next level.

TVC CEO Andrew Hanlon steps down after 7 years

“Despite the current economic challenges, I remain steadfast in my belief that the Nigerian media and entertainment sector is an area of real potential and that with the proper government support can be a viable contributor to GDP and diminish a reliance on oil. I intend to continue to support the Nigerian media and entertainment stakeholders in their pursuit of growth.”

Chief executive officer of TVC Communications Andrew Hanlon, who will also step down on April 30, said: “I wish to pay special tribute to Mr Ronan Redmond, our commercial director, who will step down on April 30, after serving with us since 2017. He is, without question, one of the best strategic media revenue specialists in our sector and I am grateful to him for producing outstanding revenue results every year and for his support to me personally.”

Similarly, the group executive director, Omnicom Media Group West and Central Africa, Yinka Adebayo, said: “He is very receptive to new and collaborative ideas geared towards delivering value to clients. Ronan is not only hands-on; he walks the talk and always strives towards a win-win relationship across the board.”