Tonto Dikeh throws shade at haters

By Bisola Bello

Tonto DikeNewly engaged Tonto Dikeh is not going out of ours faces anytime soon.

Days after her introduction ceremony in Port Harcourt, the actress took to Instagram Tuesday to share a lengthy piece slamming haters.

The actress/singer changed her name from Tonto Dike to Mrs Tonto Wigo Dike Churchill over the weekend. She is getting married to Oladunni Churchill Obasanjo. Her father-in-law is former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Watch who you are talking to.Be mindful of who you are letting into your life.If you ever sit down with someone to talk and they are belittling and bitching abt people they used to be close to Or never close to….Chatting sh*t or telling truths that you don’t need to know…Generally hating and gossip talking about whoever…Don’t tell this people anything about you. Recognize that they will do same to you when you aren’t flavour of the month Anymore.. Some people will try to use you,When you can’t be used/used anymore,the selfish and disloyal behavior will begin. I say try to use you,because people who are trying to bring you down are already beneath you… No one higher than you in wealth,Success,Life will ever belittle their selves to stoop so low to trash or destroy you unless you steal from them.. The people who are speaking negatively about you aren’t in a Good place. Spiritually they are Losing out. Let them talk Sh*t These are the same people who will do whatever they can to try and get people to like them. Never willingly let them into your life unless you enjoy drama. If you have these people in your life,Remove them…FAST They will never help your life,Just attempt to hinder your progressions. Stay happy my darlings #beautifulMorning #Happywoman #POKOBARS

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