Tinubu’s inauguration: Don’t you dare come to Abuja, Pastor Enenche warns witches, wizards

Paul Enenche 1

Senior pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre Paul Enenche has warned witches and wizards to steer clear of the Federal Capital Territory ahead of the presidential inauguration on May 29.

His warning on Friday night followed an announcement by the White Witches and Wizards Association of Nigeria that they would come to Abuja to cleanse the environment for President-elect Bola Tinubu to operate seamlessly.

The group’s spokesperson Okhue Obo had said in a statement, “There is no reason for Tinubu to be afraid because all the campaigns of calumny mounted against him are mere distractions.

“We are currently making efforts to clean and detoxify the Abuja environment where Tinubu will operate from.”

Enenche, however, said at his church’s Destiny Recovery Convention that the church is in charge and would not grant access to witches and wizards.

He instructed other clergymen to anoint strategic places in the city as a spiritual battle against other forces.

“There are some agents of the devil that said they are coming to cleanse this city,” he said.

“Anybody who is from the devil, sent from the pit of hell that enters this city to plant any agenda of hell, if they are not cut off then we have no right to preach.

“Every witch and wizard, we are serving you notice to let you know we are in charge here and we are not about to change our minds.

“Pastors, we are going to take prophetic action in this city within the next 24 hours. Carry bottles of oil and go through the territory, anoint the ground and pour oil on this ground. Every agent of the devil who steps on this ground for a demonic agenda is a dead agent.

“Every agent of the devil who steps into the city for the sake of Satan the devil, as we pour the fire on the earth if they trample on this earth and still survive, we are not serving the living God.”