TikTok dancer Kelly reacts as alleged sex video goes viral

Tik Tok dancer Kelly

Togolese TikTok dancer Kelly Bhadie has reacted to her alleged sex video which has been living rent-free on thousands of mobile phones across the world.

Kelly started trending earlier in June when some of her alluring videos caused a stir on Twitter, leaving men on social media drooling over her and other TikTokers mimicking her style.

Last week, a sex video that many believed was Kelly’s and a yet-to-be-identified person circulated all over the internet.

Reacting to the leaked video in a recent TikTok video, Kelly stated that she does not care what people say about her.

She wrote: “Idgaf what nobody said,” which translates as ‘I don’t give a f*ck what nobody says.’

In another video, the 18-year-old added that she does not know who the said girl in the video was and people should stop linking her to the video.

A review of her handle shows she started making active videos on TikTok in November 2021 and since then, she has to her credit numerous clips of her displaying her attractive dance skills on her official TikTok account.

Due to her recent trend, her followers skyrocketed from 356k followers to 741k and more in just three days.