Teenage actress, Regina Daniels, in nude pictures controversy

Regina Daniels

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels, has been accused of blackmail and threatening to release nude pictures of a fellow teenager who refused to sleep with a filmmaker in exchange for movie roles.

The allegation was made by a blogger identified as Amanda Chisom who did not hide her resentment for the Python Girl actress.

According to the blogger, the alleged victim innocently sent her nude pictures to Regina who later threatened to release them unless the newbie sleeps with a male producer.

“Yesterday a young girl came to me that this never more than 17 years Nollywood actress was blackmailing her and threatening her with nudes if she does not go to sleep with a certain producer.

“This is supposed to be a teenager oh threatening another teenager she asked for nudes so she can introduce her into acting that if she does not sleep with a certain producer.

“In my typical fashion, I went to this child first and asked her to make sure that she does not post nudes of anybody and familiarise herself with the cybercrime act, Chisom wrote.

Denying the allegation, Regina claimed in a now deleted post that she does not know the blogger and did not ask anyone to send nude pictures.

She added that she has no problem with Antoinette Cassidy who was originally thought to be the friend Chisom was referring to.

Fine us ? @casie_snow

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Antoinette also posted on Instagram that she does not have issues with Regina.

Cute us??? @regina.daniels.

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Not done, Chisom then disclosed that the previously unnamed victim is Frances Nwabunike.

Frances then followed up with an Instagram post in support of the allegation against Regina.

“I may have been naive, stupid and outrightly foolish BUT it shall end in praise for this is the price one pays for trusting to a fault,” she wrote.