Stop using filter to sell skincare products, Uche Jombo shades influencers

Uche Jombo

Actress Uche Jombo has taken a swipe at social media influencers telling them to quit using filter to advertise skincare products.

Using her unfiltered face to set an example, the actress shared a video of herself on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Normalise not using the filter to sell skincare. T for thanks.”

She added: “just blessing my TL with skincare video without filter. Yes let’s normalize that!!!! Good morning ujlovers ….. wishing you all an awesome day.”

Some fans took to the comment section of the post to react.

@kofoworo wrote: “Tell them oooo.”

“Normalize ginni? You wan destroy their market,” @IamAyobami wrote.

“Natural beauty, increase the volume ma, people at back can’t hear you,” Ranjojo wrote.

“True and it’s misleading which is illegal,” @Merlena wrote.