Sports broadcaster Godwin Enakhena reveals new toilet habit over fear of snakebite

Godwin Enakhena

Sports broadcaster Godwin Enakhena said on Monday that he no longer spends a lot of time in the toilet following the death of a Nigerian Air Force woman Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah who was bitten by a snake in the toilet.

Mr Enakhena, who said in a tweet that he used to go into the toilet with his phone, added that his wife is now happy with his habit of spending less time in the toilet.

“I am used to going into my toilet with my phone, my wife don’t like this because I’ll spend a lot of time there, basically on my phone.

“With the snake and toilet issue, I don’t spend more than 10-15minutes anymore. My wife is happy about this. Na fear of snake o!” he wrote.

Ogah, who was attached to the Defence Intelligence Agency, was bitten by a snake on November 19 while using a restroom in her flat at the NAF Base on Bill Clinton Drive in Abuja.

She reportedly drove her children and a relation staying with her to her neighbour’s house before visiting the Nigerian Air Force hospital, where she gave up the ghost.