Air Force woman dies of snakebite in Abuja

A Nigerian Air Force woman Lance Corporal Bercy Ogah has died after being bitten by a snake while using a restroom in her flat at the NAF base in Abuja.

Ogah was attached to the Defence Intelligence Agency.

A source told PUNCH that snakes are common in the base.

The source said, “You will find all kinds of wild animals in the base. People who stay there see snakes a lot.

“The houses in the base were fumigated recently but hers was left behind because she was not around. The snake must have hidden in her toilet.”

The source further said that Ogah, after being bitten on November 19, drove her children and a relation staying with her to her neighbour’s house before visiting the Nigerian Air Force hospital where she died.

“When she got to the hospital, it took a little while before the anti-venom vaccine was administered to her. Apart from the vaccine not being readily available, I learnt that the person in charge of the drugs was not on duty,” the source added.

Spokesperson for the Nigerian Air Force Edward Gabkwet could not be reached for comments.