Sina Rambo’s wife alleges death threats after announcing marriage crash

Sina Rambo

Heidi Korth, wife of singer Sina Rambo, has said she is getting death threats after announcing the end of their marriage.

Sina’s wife on Monday went full throttle on him in a series of posts on Instagram story, announcing that the marriage was over.

In reaction, Sina who is also pop star Davido’s cousin said in a statement signed by his lawyer simply named Akinwumi that the allegations were baseless and lies.

Heidi, however, resumed her attack on the man in a Snapchat post on Wednesday where she accused him of trying to sleep with their househelp.

In another post on Thursday, Heidi claimed she has been getting death threats.

She wrote: “I have been getting a lot of threat messages. Death threats and all.will like to use this medium to say that I am a GERMAN citizen by BIRTH and nationality and so are my KIDS if anything happens to me or any of my family member.You will have the German embasy to contend with.

“A letter has been sent to the embassy for notification already! Love and light Iwill start posting publicly any threats because this has to STOP!!”

Sina and Heidi got married in 2021 and welcomed their daughter Lola in May 2022.