Seun Kuti teases Akeredolu with relocation to Ondo over cannabis

Seun Kuti

Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti, has teased Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, with relocating to the state over the governor’s comment on cultivating cannabis.

Akeredolu had said in a tweet on Tuesday on the sideline of his visit to Thailand for a programme on medicinal cannabis extract development that he plans to take advantage of the market to improve Ondo’s economy.

“We all know that Ondo State is the hot bed of cannabis cultivation in Nigeria. We know how to grow it and it thrives well in the Sunshine State. With an estimated value of $145 Billion in 2025, we would be shortchanging ourselves if we failed to tap into the Legal Marijuana Market,” Akeredolu said.

In a late Tuesday response to Akeredolu’s tweet, Seun Kuti teased on Instagram that the governor should have come straight to him if he wanted him to relocate to Ondo.

“Ehn Mr excellency sir, if u want me to move to your state, just say so. This beating about the bush is unnecessary,” he began.

“Afrobeat is about to switch home base y’all. Just imagine one good joint for my back ache then better Ondo pounded yam to heal my stomach pain, nuff said #getthesax #getmyload!!”