Senator Ashafa gets Facebook verification

The Senator representing Lagos East Senatorial District, Gbenga Ashafa, has asked all users of new media to share progressive ideas with each other and strive for the cultural and social integration of Nigeria on those platforms.

He said this in a press release announcing the verification of his Facebook page, which was concluded on Wednesday, February 24.

With almost 15k likes as at Thursday afternoon, Ashafa said social media should be seen as an enjoyable and uniting factor, and not for causing disaffection. He added that his constant use of Facebook and Twitter has increased his level of engagement with his constituents and helps him get news faster.

“Our youth owe it to each other to use social media responsibly,” Senator Ashafa said. “Great ideas, which can save our economy and create jobs, can be shared, analysed and executed through social media. It is borderless, fast and effective. Let us use it to unite our country at all times.

“I have found it as a very useful tool for engagement. I believe it should be self-regulating, meaning those who see someone doing something wrong or illegal with it should either caution the offender or report to the appropriate authorities. That way, we will keep the space clean and government would not have an excuse to invade that space.”

The Senator promised to announce the second leg of his job creation initiative via social media. The first one was held in 2012, when he sponsored 15 engineering graduates from his constituency for training in at the Siemens Power Academy in collaboration with the Lagos State Electricity Board.