Peter Okoye flaunts exotic cars to motivate fans

Peter Okoye

One half of the now-defunct P-Square, Peter Okoye, on Monday shared pictures of his exotic cars in a bid to motivate his 4.1 million followers on Instagram.

The ‘Ebeano’ singer took to Instagram to motivate his followers and fans, telling them to strive hard to be successful.

He also pointed out that the pictures of his cars and house they see should inspire them not make them hateful.

“I pray that these pictures motivate and inspires you, rather than making you mad or sad. Same God that did for me will surely do it for you,” he captioned the post.

Peter Okoye was recently in Nairobi, Kenya, one of the destinations for his European tour, titled “All Eyes on P”.

The 36-year-old revealed that during his visit to the country, he was honoured by having a hospital ward named after him.

He revealed that he was at the hospital to see some cancer survivors and he added that he was blown away by the experience.