Nigerian woman makes shocking revelation about vagina on UK TV

Nunu The sex clinic Nigerian vagina woman

A 22-year-old Nigerian living in the United Kingdom has opened up about having foul-smelling vagina after regularly forgetting to wash her intimate area.

Speaking to Nurse Sarah on the UK TV show, The Sex Clinic, the woman simply identified as Nunu said she was worried she may have bacterial vaginosis (BV) or an STI due to a “fishy smell” down below.

The Surrey resident also claimed that she had planned to be celibate for a year after deciding “men are trash” and her vagina is precious – but lasted just six months before having sex with two men in just 48 hours.

Nunu -who sells hair extensions online – visited Sarah worried she may have contracted an STI after having unprotected sex twice about a month ago.

She said one of the men was a stranger who sneakily removed the condom midway through intercourse.

A clearly baffled Sarah asked: “How can you forget to wash your vagina?” to which Nunu responded “yeah I know, it’s terrible.”

She, however, added she now rarely forgets to wash since learning it triggers her BV.

Sarah encouraged Nunu to wash her vagina morning and night, and to pee after sex.

Nunu, who was born in Nigeria, breathed a sigh of relief when she learned later on the show that the result of her STI test came back clear.