Nigerian toilet attendant becomes friends with Scottish woman at nightclub

Nigerian toilet attendant becomes friends with Scottish

A Scottish woman has described her encounter with a Nigerian at a nightclub she attended a year ago.

The woman, Caitlin Harvey, from Glasgow, said she met the Nigerian she called ‘Big S’ in a nightclub toilet before the toilet attendant told her she was lonely having recently moved to Scotland from Nigeria. 

In a Twitter post, Harvey said she got talking with the Nigerian, and that the two have since become friends who regularly go on walks together and she has even met ‘Baby S’ – the woman’s son.

Caitlin wrote: “A year ago I was mad with it on a night out and got chatting to the toilet attendant who told me she had recently moved here from Nigeria and had no friends.

“Since then, we’ve went on walks together and I took her for her first mac and cheese. I call her Big S and yesterday I met Baby S.”

The Scottish also shared photographs with the unnamed woman, including one of her holding ‘Baby S’.

Twitter users have praised Caitlin, with some calling her ‘an angel’ for helping the woman. 

“Oh my god this made my heart so warm. You are a lovely person,” one person said.  

Another wrote: “Caitlin that’s so great to hear! There are decent people around!”

The viral post has since been liked over 63,000 times.