Nancy Isime revisits controversial breasts scene in Shanty Town

Nancy Isime

Actress Nancy Isime has revisited the controversy generated by her nude scene in Shanty Town, a six-part crime thriller released on Netflix on Friday, January 20.

The 31-year-old played the role of Shalewa a prostitute indebted to a notorious kingpin in the story of three Lagos-based hustlers who unite to wage war against the biggest and most ruthless crime ring in the state.

In one of the scenes, Nancy’s character is made to strip naked leaving her buttocks and breasts on display.

Clips of that scene have been shared by Nigerians across the globe, leading to Nancy becoming the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Nancy’s character was not the only one that took off her clothes in the thriller.

Revisiting the controversy while speaking at the 12th edition of the Africa International Film Festival AFRIFF on Friday, Nancy said a lot of people were so focused on her breast than the message of bullying and sexual harassment which was part of the theme presented in the film.

“The importance of that scene, is the maltreatment, the abuse but I think a lot of people were just obsessed with seeing my nakedness and they made it about Nancy Isime,” she said.

Nancy first spoke about the confusion over her role, Nancy in January, saying that she was not the one whose body was on display in the movie.

Sex scenes are better for me with seasoned actors — Nancy Isime

Nancy Isime speaks about nude scene in Shanty Town

According to her, a body double was used for the scene.