Landlady allegedly sends tenant packing for greeting enemy


A woman, Opeyemi Akinjobi, has told a Grade C Customary Court at Bode Igbo in Ibadan that she was ejected from her shop by the landlady for allegedly discussing with a woman who had been branded an enemy.

Mrs Akinjobi, a hair dresser at Alexander, Apata area of Ibadan, informed the court on Thursday that she was unaware of the rift between her landlady and the woman she was found talking with.

“Due to the nature of my work, I interact with a lot of people. This particular lady in question comes often to my shop and we discuss extensively. I do not know she has an issue with my landlady.

“I was discussing with this woman on one of the days when I saw my landlady passing before my shop to her house. Some minutes after she passed, the shop caretaker came to serve me a notice to quit the shop without a genuine reason.

“The caretaker said that the landlady claimed that I was owing two years’ rent on my shop, which is not true,’’ she said.

The hairdresser added that her witnesses, who are also tenants to the landlady, had stayed away from testifying out of fear.

The said landlady was not in court, however, the caretaker, Olusoji Ibikunle, said he was not aware of the hairdresser’s payment of rent to the landlady.

“The directive to quit the shop came at the instance of the landlady,” he said.

President of the court, Muraina Agbomeji, adjourned the case until February 11 and ordered the landlady to appear in court.