My baby almost died, Basketmouth’s wife recounts birth experience

Basketmouth and wife Elsie Okpocha

Elsie Okpochi, wife of comedian Bright Okpocha popularly known as Basketmouth has narrated the complications she encountered during the birth of her child, revealing that she had a cord prolapse which can cause stillbirth.

The mother of three made this known in an Instagram post on Tuesday, saying that she had a cesarean section.

“Let me share my testimony with you. So on the day, I put to birth, I was rejected by two hospitals(i had registered in one of them) even though labour had started and my contractions were happening every two minutes, their reason was that I hadn’t done my antenatal with them so they didn’t want to take me in case there was an emergency. So while in the labour room, my water broke and I had a cord Prolapse. (Never heard of it until that day)

“So a Cord Prolapse is when the cord comes out of the uterus before the baby, when this happens, it can result in a loss of oxygen to the baby, and may even result in a stillbirth.

“Fortunately the Doctor knew the emergency steps to take to keep my baby alive while they prepared me for an emergency CS, the CS doctor arrived in good time and I had my baby who is well and alive,” she wrote.

According to his Elsie, they welcomed their third child after three miscarriages.

The couple announced the arrival of their baby in July.