Mohbad’s wife has agreed to DNA test – Iyabo Ojo

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Actress Iyabo Ojo has said that Wunmi Aloba, wife of the late singer Mohbad, has agreed to a DNA test on their son Liam.

The actress revealed this in an Instagram post on Monday where she shared a screenshot of what seemed to be a message from Wunmi to her.

In the message, Wunmi said she has decided not to speak on the matter until after the coroner’s inquest on November 7 because she does not want any distraction. She added that conducting a DNA test on their son “Is definitely a must.”

“Hello ma, I’ve decided not to speak on anything until the 7th of November which is the coroner’s inquest because I do not want any side distraction, all I want is justice for my husband which I believe the Nigerian government are working on after everything I’ll either grant an interview or tell my own story before the whole world and also DNA is definitely a must,” the message read.

Captioning the most, Iyabo Ojo added: “To everyone who wants to hear from Mohbad’s wife, this is her response.

“Ikeja General Hospital, please, we hope that by the 7th of November 2023, the next date for the coroner inquest, the full autopsy results will be out….we’re not giving up on this justice for Mohbad, no matter the dragging, noise makers or distractions.”

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Mohbad, 27, died on 12 September and was buried the following day in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Following Mohbad’s demise, the paternity of his six-month-old son has become a topic of discussion. Some social media users demanded that the late rapper’s wife submit their son for a DNA test to prove her loyalty to Mohbad.

The police, however, exhumed his corpse on September 21 for autopsy following calls for investigation.

Several persons namely Naira Marley, Sam Larry, Primeboy, Spending and a nurse, were in police custody over the incident.