Moghalu’s wife escapes plane crash en route Nigeria


Maryanne Moghalu, wife of presidential aspirant Kingsley Moghalu, has been involved in a temporary mishap mid-air en route Nigeria from the United States.

Mrs Moghalu tweeted on Sunday that the aircraft she boarded began shaking due to bad weather.

“Finally. Calm. I’m on a flight home, and for the last 30mins, we had the most harrowing weather. The plane was shaking and things were falling and breaking,” she wrote.

According to her, at that tense moment all she could think of was a conversation she had with her cousin.

“So many things went through my mind. Just before I left, my cousin asked for the 3rd time, why I am going to Nigeria,” she wrote.

“I’ve left she said, I’m done and I’m never going back. I laughed and said- it’s home, and my husband is there. As I thought about this conversation in the middle of praying and trying to remember my Bible verses, I realized that, that, was the singular reason for my commitment.”

Mrs Moghalu said through the 17 years she and her family have been moving from country to country, her husband always insisted they came to Nigeria every Christmas.

“He said that was the only way to make sure the children knew who they are and where they come from. He drummed this into their ears, day in, day out. It worked,” she said.

Maryanne’s husband Kingsley, a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), had contested the presidential election in 2019.