Mind your business, Mo Bimpe tells fans

Adebimpe Oyebade Mo Bimpe

Nollywood actress Adebimpe Oyebade, better known as Mo Bimpe, has advised her fans to mind their business in apparent reaction to those trolling her on social media.

The 27-year-old stated this in an Instagram post on Monday, days after clashing with a fan who accused her of wearing a waist trainer on a supposed pregnancy.

“Have you wondered why your skincare routine seems not to be working? Maybe you need to allow your mind focus on what matters… You get?

“See, you can’t heap so much misery on yourself, especially on things that don’t really concern you and expect your skin to glow, o wrong na…

“Are you having sleepless nights over what people say about you? Awww I’m sorry hun but does anyone’s opinion fund your account?

“Most likely no, then why don’t you spend your energy on things that matter and allow your skin to breathe?

“Try this today, drink lots of water, plug your earplugs, listen to music that works for you and do what? Mind your business… Thank me later,” she wrote.

There have been numerous speculations that the Ijero Ekiti-born actress was pregnant because of some loose clothes she wore on movie locations and Instagram posts.

She told the troll who wondered why she wore a waist trainer “you’re stupid but it’s OK.”

Bimpe has also faced questions over her fondness for fellow actor Adedimeji Lateef with whom she has appeared in a number of movies and taken pictures together.

There is even a video of him giving her a lap dance, fuelling belief that they are both planning to get married.