Lala Akindoju laments death of loved ones

Kemi Lala Akindoju

Actress Lala Akindoju on Monday lamented the death of her loved ones.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, the mother of one said that dealing with the death of a loved one has become a familiar road and it leaves one with a mind full of questions and sometimes numbness.

“Dealing with the passing of a loved one has become such a familiar road…and when you think you know how you’ll feel, you’re never really ready for the mash-up of emotions- pain, anger, gratitude, a mind full of questions… sometimes numbness.

“When one person passes, you surrender and as Yorùbá people say- Ojó á jìnà so ara won. So you stay hopeful that such a painful death won’t happen anytime soon..but life has many curves and turns that we really don’t understand,” she wrote.

Speaking further, Lala stated that death leaves one reflecting on their life and legacy.

“The one good thing is that you are forced to reflect and assess your own life. You ask yourself what will be said of you when you are gone. You ask yourself what legacy you are building and hopefully, you actually start living each day to the fullest, you start living circumspectly and hopefully you become more intentional about making the world a better place in whatever way you can.

“Death is something we never like to talk about but none of us is leaving here alive. As a Christian, we learn to trust God who sees the bigger picture and we surrender totally the things we can’t control.

“I pray you truly LIVE, with purpose and with intention. I pray you fulfill purpose so that when the time comes, you can be certain you died empty. I pray you live a life that God will be proud of for we do not mourn like them that have no hope. Have a beautiful week,” she concluded.

The actress is married to Gbubemi Fregene aka Chef Fregz.

The couple celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary in September.