Laide Bakare reacts to backlash over video of street kids playing with her butt

Laide Bakare

Actress Laide Bakare has reacted to the backlash from critics over a recent video of some street kids playing with her padded butt.

The actress shared the video on Instagram, where she was seen playing with the kids who grabbed her butt while screaming in excitement as they hovered around her.

The video, however, sparked reactions from Instagram users who accused the actress of sexualising and exposing the children to immoral acts.

One of the critics identified as Gbemmy wrote: “Exposing kids to sexuality such that they see it as a norm and go back home to be hitting the buttocks of their mates.”

“Your life is obviously a miserable one. I won’t block you now. You are clearly not a fan. Anyway. Keep enjoying yourself on my very unique and interesting page,” Laide fired back.

In another Instagram post on Wednesday, the 41-year-old addressed those criticsing her.

She wrote “I heard Aunty Saaki is now causing Wotowoto everywhere o.Thanks so much for your patronage to all my fans worldwide.”