Lagosian Akinrodoye ‘Coach Dreh’ Dare swims Third Mainland Bridge lagoon in 2 hours

Swimming coach Akinrodoye Dare

Swimming coach Akinrodoye Dare reportedly swam the entire 11.8km of the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos on Saturday.

Dare, also known as Coach Dreh, carried out the exercise to raise awareness about mental health issues, particularly suicide and depression.

The Third Mainland Bridge lagoon witnesses several suicide attempts in a year.

Dare was said to have completed the challenge in two hours and 33 minutes.

In a video shared on X by #MeetPrinceAhmad, Dare highlighted the importance of mental health and encouraged those struggling to seek help.

He said, “I’m going to be swimming the entire length of the Lagos Third Mainland Bridge to raise awareness and sensitise the public on mental health, suicide, and depression.

“It is 11.8km from Mainland Oworonshoki to Island Adeniji Adele.

“My years of experience in the aquatic realm is over a decade, and swimming for me means I can do anything and become anything I want with it.

“Mental health is a cause I’m passionate about, and life can be very tough, and I think it’s okay to ask for help. Your life can change positively within the blink of an eye; stay alive to witness it.”

Dare received immediate medical attention immediately after he was pulled out of the water.