Depression makes me drink but I’ll never take hard drugs – Hanks Anuku

Actor Hanks Anuku has said that depression makes him resort to drinking but he will never take hard drugs.

The actor said this in a video shared via Instagram on Monday while thanking his followers for their support.

“Yes, depression makes me drink but I never take hard drugs, I don’t take hard drugs at all, I only had once and that is it. Out of depression, I didn’t have a job for years, I was thinking about my children, their school fees and their welfare and other things and you know what it is like when it gets to that point I call it a breaking point, I was broken to pieces and I had to go drinking and that is it,” he said.

The 63-year-old also announced his film academy in Abuja called Hanks Anuku Film Academy.

The actor left fans worried again about his mental health as the video circulated on the internet on November 15.

On Thursday, November 16, Hanks Anuku posted a video on Instagram calling on the Delta State governor and Nigerians to support him financially. Hanks said he has tried his best to uphold his status as an entertainer and it is good to let everyone know what he is going through.

He wrote: “I thank u all fans n my guvnor sheriff. I have tried my best to uphold my status as an entertainer, so it’s good to let u all know what I’m going through.

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“I have a family and will love to get all the help from u all. Dropping my account details nothing is ever too small. 0760704404 H.C.Anuku Access Bank. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.”

Questions about the actor’s mental health first started last year after a video of Hanks looking tattered on the streets of Asaba went viral.

The footage generated reactions on social media as many speculated that the actor was mentally unstable while others claimed the video was from a movie set. However, the actor who reacted to the video accused people of trying to destroy his image.