Kiitan Bukola tackles BBNaija’s Ka3na over comment on Nollywood actors

Kiitan Bukola

Actress Kiitan Bukola has tackled Big Brother Naija reality star ka3na for saying that movie producers and actors have become brand influencers like reality stars instead of focusing on movies.

Expressing her displeasure over the statement on Tuesday, Bukola tackled the reality star for mocking movie celebrities who have struggled for years to get recognition in the industry.

“Thank God for BBN, if not you won’t open your mouth waaaa to insult people who have been struggling for years to get fame, just because you are@fortunate to get there within few months due to big brother you wanna discredit them … TIME WILL TELL , never use your grace to disgrace anyone,” she wrote.

Ka3na had earlier made the statement in a Twitter post saying, “Most Nollywood movie producers/actors have become brand influencers. No latest Nigerian movies on Netflix. Bbn housemates don open their eyes to influencing money. It’s not a competition. Y’all make us good holiday movies, please.”