Kehinde Lijadu’s death leaves twin sister in state of frightening shock

Lijadu Sisters

Family and friends of the Lijadu sisters have expressed concerns over the health of Taiwo Lijadu following the death of her identical twin sister, Kehinde Lijadu, on Saturday.

The 71-year-old surviving twin is said to be in a state of shock.

Veteran graphic designer and musician, Charlimo Imoloame, disclosed this in a Facebook post.


Announcing Kehinde’s death, Imoloame, quoted Taiwo as telling him: “Good morning my brother Charlimo, this is your sister, Taiwo Lijadu.

“I just lost my twin sister Kehinde Lijadu oo. But I have not made official announcement.

“I am in a state of very frightening ‘SHOCK’ as we speak. I’ll talk to you later.”


Another Facebook user, Vickie Owodunni, recounted an exchange she had with Taiwo on October 26 in Staten Island, New York.

“Vickie, we’ve both been sick. Remember we told you how sick we had been? Right now we’re both very sick,” Owodunni quoted Taiwo as saying.

In another post, Owodunni wrote: “I Just spent some time with Sis Taiwo. She’s okay, as much as can be expected. She’ll be staying with family for a little while.”


Born on 18 September 1948, the Lijadu Sisters were nicknamed West African Pointer Sisters for effortlessly mixing afrobeat with jazz and disco.

Some of their evergreen tracks are ‘Reincarnation’, ‘Danger’ and ‘Orere Elejigbo’.