Kate Henshaw clashes with Adamu Garba over attack on Twitter CEO

Kate Henshaw

Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw on Thursday clashed with the chief executive officer of IPI Group Adamu Garba for threatening Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey after the latter lent his voice to the #EndSARS protest.

The 49-year-old actress commented on Mr Garba’s Twitter thread saying, “I am embarrassed on ‘its’ behalf.”

She added: “Yes na.. humans have sense. This one, not one of us clearly.”

Garba replied the actress saying, “Let @HenshawKate attack me if she likes, I don’t care. We are Nigerians and we should talk about our country freely with one another. But not from foreigners, who donate for our local instability.

“I’ve watched Kate since ‘Tears for Love’ days and I’m proud of her, regardless.”

Kate then addressed him again: “Adamu, since you have singled out my reply, I choose to return the gesture how does it look for you to warn @jack about tweets on an app he created that gives you & I the opportunity to interact?

“His own app o. What is wrong is wrong what is right is right I greet you #EndSARS.”

Garba replied: “I agree with you @HenshawKate, what is wrong/right etc, but it must have applicable target to be specifically so.

“It is completely right for Nigerians to support each other in peaceful protest but completely wrong for a foreigner to solicit for fund on local issues, even @jack.”

There have been pockets of violence in several areas where the #EndSARS protests have been held.

Garba threatened to sue the Twitter boss if more lives are lost in the protest.