#JusticeForOmolara: Nigerians seek healthcare reform over worsening sector

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Nigerians have again called for reform of the health sector following the death of two young females over alleged mismanagement and negligence in private hospitals.

The fresh calls for reform were partly prompted by a Twitter user @charah_xx who accused Beachland Hospital in Arepo, Lagos of causing the death of her friend Omolara Omoyajuwolo.

She said Ms Omoyajuwolo went to the hospital to get checked following “ulcer attack”.

“I got to Lara’s place at past 10. She had tried to eat and vomited, she was sweating profusely. I started to clean, she vomited again. I went to her neighbor so we could go back to the hospital since she wasn’t getting better, she was breathing hard too,” she wrote.

The Twitter user said Omoyajuwolo was not placed on oxygen despite complaining she was not breathing properly.

“Somehow, Lara lost consciousness, another doctor came in and said she (the new doctor) didn’t know it was this kind of case (meaning it’s critical) and then asked that she’s placed on oxygen, there was reluctance to get that oxygen,” she wrote.

“…She has a card that shows she has been using that hospital since 2019…I called her siblings (they both don’t live in Lagos/Ogun). Lara was an orphan.”

She added that the hospital referred Omoyajuwolo to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital without oxygen.

“I thought they would let us go with the oxygen, a nurse only brought it to the car door and put it in her nostrils for a while, I even thought she was gonna go with us. They left us and told Lara’s neighbor to move with the “highest speed,” she wrote.

“They placed her head on my laps and asked me to raise my laps, the windows were wind down as they advised, When we got to LASUTH, the doctors at the medical emergency announced Lara dead and they filled a form ‘BID’ (Brought in dead) Lara died! She died on my laps and in my arms

“The health system needs a reform. Health mismanagement and negligence of the health workers in beachland specialist hospital Arepo killed my friend Omolara Omoyajuwolo. There was no ambulance, there was no supporting oxygen, there was no nurse.”

Her tale and that involving a certain Peju have prompted fresh calls for healthcare reform.