Jim Iyke debunks rumour he converted to Islam

Actor Jim Iyke has debunked the rumour on social media that he has converted to Islam, after photos of himself in a Muslim outfit circulated on the internet.

A Twitter user identified as @AM_Saleem tweeted on Wednesday, saying he heard the actor had converted to Islam.

While congratulating Jim, he said, “ I heard that the popular Nollywood actor Jim Iyke has reverted to Islam. Alhamdulillah! Welcome to Islam, religion of peace. We welcome you wholeheartedly”.

Clearing the air in an Instagram post on Thursday, Jim Iyke described the speculation as an “aimless rumour”, adding that the photos of him in a Muslim outfit were from a movie he shot in Ghana.

The 45-year-old that though he respects all religions, he has no intention of converting.

He wrote: “I felt it is necessary to address the elephant in the room that has been making the rounds lately. Usually, I don’t pay attention to these aimless rumours because they aren’t my cup of tea but certain lines shouldn’t be crossed.

“I made a movie in Ghana called ” Zanku boys” which would be out in July. The movie is about religious fanatics, someone took the pictures and it ended up with random bloggers who said I have converted. I respect all religions but I have no intention to convert my faith”.