Jennifer Lopez celebrates 46th birthday in provocative see-through dress

Jennifer LoperDon’t be fooled by her age, Jennifer Lopez still has a lot on offer under her clothes.

Jenny form the Block celebrated her 46th birthday on Friday by slipping into one of her sexiest outfits ever.

The singer and actress, who recently launched a much shorter hairstyle, headed out to a New York to celebrate her new age and managed to distract fellow guests from the fact that she had turned another year older by wearing an outrageously racy dress.

It was the type of ensemble only a superstar of Jen’s calibre could pull off, and the mum-of-two had absolutely zero problems making it work.

Guests got more than an eyeful of the cleavage and world famous derriere that have conquered the box office and music videos.

The frock included a hefty display of cleavage thanks to a cut-out chest area, along with sheer panels running down her thighs.

There was very little material going on, but that which there was clung to her body and flaunted her desirable figure.

She was escorted to the gig by her her 28-year-old boyfrend, Casper Smart, who held her hands as everyone drank in the sight of J-Lo and her iconic backside.