Foluke Daramola solicits Instagram followers for husband

Foluke Daramola and Kayode SalakoActress Foluke Daramola Saturday launched a campaign to boost the number of her husband’s followers on Instagram.

A BlackBerry broadcast message from the actress received by QED reads: “Please follow my darling boo on IG @OlukayodeSalako it’s ur gurl foluke daramola. See u there (sic)”.

Foluke got married to Kayode Salako on February 15, 2013 and has been his biggest supporter on social media.

She regularly broadcast statements he makes on public affairs through different media platforms, urging others to rebroadcast.

He in turn supports are Passion Against Rape in Africa (PARA) initiative and other projects.

Describing his wife of two years in February 2015, Salako said Foluke “is intelligent, strong and bold, though could be extremely stubborn and daring sometimes. A woman who loves to be associated with value, principle and integrity. Very contented and pragmatic. She loves to associate with anything that has to do with hard work and education. She is a perfect lover, a fanatic cook, who can sacrifice anything for the total wellbeing of her home, marriage and happiness.”