James Brown reveals plan to marry wife after repackaging as man

James Brown

Crossdresser James Brown has indicated interest in getting married to a woman after repackaging himself as a man.

The 23-year-old dumped his self acclaimed princess of Africa title and women’s clothing after his sex video with an unidentified lady went viral.

James Brown who has been posting photos of himself on social media dressed as a man also crowned himself as the ‘prince of Africa.’

The crossdresser made the switch days after the sex tape was leaked and he has been advertising masculine outfits for a particular fashion brand.

On Monday, James posted photos of himself on Instagram dressed as a man, saying that he needs a woman for marriage.

“The latest bachelor in town. I’m single, looking for a woman to call wife,” he wrote.

James Brown, whose real name is Obialor James, became famous in 2018 after a video where he made a grammatical blunder “They didn’t caught me” following his arrest went viral.